Help kids without yachts, one piece of clothing at a time.


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So, what’s a ‘yacht’ anyways?

Kids Without Yachts was founded by four millennial men who consider themselves Kids With Yachts. So what’s a Yacht? The Yacht is a metaphor for having access to everything a sick kid needs to ensure they have the best chance possible. That means having the resources to enrol in clinical trials, pay out of pocket for privatized medical care, and keep a roof over their heads. These luxuries are “the Yacht”

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Our Merch

A Yacht should always be steered by a well-dressed sailor. Our clothing line represents our  compassion for sick kids and a love for art. That’s why all the proceeds of the sale price for each stylish piece of clothing is given to a sick kid!

To date, we’ve given the families of sick kids almost $70,000.

Kids Without Yachts is a clothing brand created to help kids with life threatening illnesses without financial means. That means every time you buy a piece of clothing from KWY,  the proceeds are given to the family of a young person in need. These funds are used for  private medical expenses, clinical trial enrolment, and associated living and travel expenses.  


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