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Today KWY consists of four best friends. Not too long ago, however, we were five best friends. On September 5th, 2016 our friend, Lukas Oelke, lost his life to cancer. Unlike the rest of us, Lukas’ family didn’t have the means to pay for potentially life saving services.

We’ve always said that a friend who isn’t there during the worst of times doesn’t deserve you at the best of times. With that simple governing philosophy, we decided to create KWY as a means to securing our friend the best care possible. We raised over $50,000 for Lukas. And although we couldn’t save his life, he died having exhausted every option at his disposal.

Saying goodbye to Lukas was the most difficult thing we have ever experienced in our young lives. Seeing the difference we made in Lukas’ life, however, was something we couldn’t forget. We decided KWY would strive to bring The Yacht to other kids with advanced illnesses.

We did just that for Aaron Konkin, another young person with an advanced, terminal diagnosis, raising over $15,000 for his family. Sadly – as is often the case with cancer – our new friend Aaron also lost his battle. Despite another heavy loss, KWY continues to work for the next kid with an advanced illness. Why? Because we believe one day within our lifetime, kids just like Lukas and Aaron are going to make it. And we want to be a part of that.

But we can’t change the landscape without YOU.


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